Deflektor hood flow-optimised

Deflektor hood flow-optimised

flow-optimised hood for blowing off exhaust air on roofs

The deflector hood is the most common hood for blowing off exhaust air on roofs. Normally, this hood is not suited for air intake, only in exceptional cases.

The new square deflector hood from BerlinerLuft. Group combines aesthetic design with reduced operating costs. This new design is based on several flow simulations and comprehensive measurements in the BerlinerLuft. laboratory.

 Compared with conventional designs, a considerably lower pressure loss and, therefore, a lower energy demand and a drastically reduced flow noise can all be achieved. Hence, the new hood allows smaller dimensions with the same technical parameters or an easy compliance with the requirements from the emission control guideline.

Moreover, the functional design prevents water from penetrating into the air handling system.

Available materials: Galvanised sheet steel