Corporate News

BerlinerLuft. Group Extends Its Activities on a European Level

8 April 2015 – In close cooperation with the Croatian company Klima-Kontakt d.o.o., BerlinerLuft. is extending
its business activities in the region of Europe. For this purpose,  a new company called "BerlinerLuft. Tehnika d.o.o."
was founded as of 1 April 2015. Franz Baumgartner of BerlinerLuft. Technik GmbH, Austria, has been appointed as its Managing Director.

The new company is headquartered in Zagreb, employs about 50 staff and has two locations including production
facilities and a warehouse. It produces mainly ventilation ducts, sound traps and ventilation components. The Gornji
Stupnik distribution centre is located on the outskirts of Zagreb and stocks a variety of accessories and ventilators.
In order to guarantee a more flexible provision of items – and thus an improved service – its inventories were increased
even more as of 1 April.

The future subsidiary BerlinerLuft. Tehnika d.o.o. will act as a production and distributing location, mainly for Croatia,
Slovenia, Serbia and Northern Italy.