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Dimensioning of sound absorbers made easy

The new AKUSWIN Version 4.0 REV is now available for download.

One year after the release of Version 4.0 of the AKUSWIN dimensioning software for sound insulation systems AkusWin 4.0REV is now available for download. AkusWin 4.0rev is the revised and updated full version of AKUSWIN 4.0

The dimensioning software AKUSWIN 4.0 REV for sound insulation systems offers many new features in the new 4.0 Version, e.g.:

  • Calculation with flow noises of air conduction parts and components such as elbows, branches, weather protection grilles, rood hoods, louvre dampers
  • Search for suitable silencers with consideration of the flow noise
  • Reference to components with excessive inherent noise
  • Diagram illustration of the level course in the conducting system
  • Combination silencers for 63 Hz/125 Hz + absorption element
  • Kitchen exhaust silencer AkusClean®
  • Tightness class and pressure level can be preselected
  • Sketch of silencer drawn to scale

Download the new AKUSWIN 4.0_REV free of charge and directly here
or order the program by email from